Message From The Deputy Director General for Research and Community Service

Welcome to FDRE Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute

The office of Deputy Director General for Research and Community Services is one of the core wings in the Federal Technical and Vocational Training Institute. It is responsible for conducting nationwide studies in areas of skills and labor with respect to policy, training, job creation, and technology. Training programs will be regularly reviewed and reformed based on the demand assessments conducted under this office. This will have an incredible impact on designing and delivering demand-driven training programs that can align with the existing and upcoming demands of the industry. The office is also responsible for the development of a viable research culture in the institute and the entire TVET system.

The office will also regularly assess the dynamic skills and technological demands of the
industry and map the current and future demands of the five priority development sectors in Ethiopia. This helps to efficiently manage the technology development of the institute and the TVET system as a whole. Issues of import substitution and indigenous economies can be assured as a result of research-based technology development.
Moreover, the office is in-charge of coordinating the provision of skill-based services to the community. These services are expected to be scientific and bring perceptible changes to the livelihood of the target group. Outputs of the training, research, and technology are anticipated to contribute to the community’s quality of life