Road Technology

The Department of Road construction Technology was established in 2007 under the faculty of civil Technology division. Since the establishment of the department, it has been providing training in regular and summer programs in Technical Teacher Education as well as providing training for technicians in Road Construction Technology at undergraduate level in the extension program. Besides the above-mentioned long-term programs, the department provides short term training for TVTI teachers who are currently working in different TVTI colleges and for those who are working in different Industries throughout the country. The department has one undergraduate programs (Road Construction Technology)
Vision and Mission of the program
Road construction technology department has a vision of achieving excellence in the construction sector of Road Construction Technology by producing competent graduates equipped with in-depth knowledge, practical skills and social obligation
Road construction technology department has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research, technology transfer and rendering accessible community services.
Road construction technology program shall have the following goals;
– Ensure the quality of education and training in Road construction technology
– Advance research, technology transfer and consultancy work in the construction industry
– Improve services to the community
– Develop a conducive environment for learning and teaching
Objectives of the Program and Competency Profile
This program is aimed at training manpower required for the realization of the country’s large demand in Road infrastructure. Well-qualified Road construction technologists will be produced under this program who can actively be engaged in the planning; design and contributing his acquired skill and knowledge to the Road construction Industry Specifically, the trainees will be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to execute the following tasks:
● Undertake project identification; pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of Road constructions sector
● Prepare complete contract documents for Road construction projects
● Plan, design and manage and supervise the Road construction projects
● Participating in Road maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.