Surveying Technology

Educational experts are predicting that the next quarter of this century will be the era of greatest development in the education sector of the country. A number of new programs are commenced and their respective curricula are developed. The number of higher education institutions is drastically increasing and the intake capacities of universities is also boosting. Education is considered to be a key issue to bring about a change in the development of the country.
While developing a curriculum, the first and foremost requirement, which should be given due consideration is the need assessment. The discipline, absorbing capacity of the market, anticipated number of graduates per year, cost incurred with respective training are some of the issues to be evaluated thoroughly. Although such assignment requires qualified professionals to sort out the crux, both the government and the institute believe that Surveying Technology is one of the areas where the requirement of the country is by far not yet met.
There are plenty of indicators justifying why this program (Surveying Technology) has to go into operation. The country is on the bottom list even amongst African countries in terms of urban and rural infrastructures. Roads, railways, airports are privileges which did not reach the vast majority of the population. Still in major cities, constructions are carried out by traditional constructors. Failures and damages are eminent. The huge water resources of the country are underutilized despite a crucial shortage of drinking water supply. The quality of drinking water is far below the standard.
4.0. Objectives
4.1. General objective
The general objective of the Surveying Technology department is to stimulate highly competent professionals for the country, give out skilled manpower that have a culture of applied research in solving the country’s as well as the world’s problems and bring into being Surveyors who are powerful in breaking the international market.
4.2. Specific objectives
The specific objectives are:
1. To bring on graduates with full professional competence in Surveying Technology.
2. To train high-level technical manpower who can participate in national development activities.
3. To carry out applied research.
4. To maintain department-enterprise cooperation and to render consultancy services to the community.
5. To maintain the infrastructure of the nation through skilled and responsible man power in development.