Members of the Bundestag confirm Ethiopia can get more support. Delegates of the Bundestag visit Federal TVET Institute.

Federal TVET Institute

Sept 02, 2019

Germany International cooperation has been strong in education and other technical supports for Ethiopia. Delegates from Bundestag (German parliament) have visited the Institute today. Andreas Mattfeldt is one of the members of the delegates who visited the Institute. The delegates are from Christian Democratic, Social democratic and other political party representatives in Bundestag, Andreas revealed.

“Making business is important in Ethiopia because the country is in rapid positive change,’’ said Mr. Andreas. “The people of German have got good chance since the reform here attracts us,” added the Member of Parliament. 

TheDelegates of the Bundestag have visited workshops in the TVET Institute which furnished with in German support. By quoting German Economic Minister, Andreas confirmed that Ethiopia will get much more support. German cooperation will help build strong economy hopes the member of parliaments.

HaftomGebreEgziabeher, Deputy Director General for TVET Institute said in his part, Ethiopian TVET education and training quality will never be achieved unless Germany cooperation continues. Ethiopia remains one of a few African countries to get bigger support from Germany, we learned.


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