WORKING WITH INDUSTRIES. Lecturers make a visit to Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry.

Federal TVET Institute

March 6, 2020

Lecturers from manufacturing technology department together with Mechanical Technology Faculty Dean visited Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry, part of Defense engineering industries at Ambo.

Director to Industry Linkage Directorate of the Federal TVET Institute, Ms Gizeshwork Tadesse disclosed that the visit aimed at strengthening further cooperation to train students with in the industry.

This visit is very helpful to strengthen the Center of Excellence in manufacturing to East Africa said the Director. The center of Excellence is funded by the World Bank and its Project Manager Mr. Sahlesellasie Teka was also the visitor. The group agreed with the industry to help train their students in cooperation there.

Kolba Tannery and modern zegae leather and leather products industry made an agreement to make cooperative training possible with the Institute earlier this moment.

Ms. Gizeshwork added that the Institute is going to sign cooperative training agreement with Hawasa University Institute of Technology, Gafat Engineering and Ambo University Institute of Technology later the other time.


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