'The EARNED project will fulfill educational infrastructure for Agricultural TVET colleges.' Mr. Haftom G/Egziabher, Deputy Director General for Academics.

Federal TVET Institute

January 28, 2020

Representatives of ATVET colleges and Institutes from three East African countries had an inception workshop for East African Regional Network on Enbeded Dairy (EARNED) projectat Bishoftu. The project is a 26.5 Months project financed by NUFFIC, non-profit organization for internationalization in education in Netherlands.

Mr. Haftom G/Egziabher, Deputy Director General for Academics of Federal TVET Institute, told that the Institute had submitted a proposal last year and won the project.

The project works on blended learning on dairy. It is East African regional project which includes Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.
Federal TVET Institute, a lead partner from Ethiopian side, and three colleges namely Bure polytechnic College, Wukro polytechnic College and Holeta polytechnic College are beneficiary from the project.

Because the project aimed on African dairy Networking, colleges of the region will get a chance of cooperation and linkage.
As Mr.Haftom's saying, the project has a progressive plan to upgrade the efficiency of nearby industry parks and advancing the capacity of colleges by fulfilling educational infrastructure.

Dr. Biadgelegn Ademe (ass. Prof.) is a coordinator of lead partner from Ethiopian side. He told us that the project has five out puts. 
The First is, A network of improved, functional linkages exists, NGOs and Government line minsters, in the Netherlands and East Africa, to Improve dairy skills in the East African Region. 

The second is, A blended learning platform, including at last 10 modules for dairy protection, processing and agribusiness, is available for use by TVETs, Universities and dairy trainers in both academic and on-the-job learning pathways. 

The third is, “focal institutions”, capable of continued development and piloting of adapted dairy training materials and networking are in place in each of 3 countries.

The fourth output is, instructors (TVET and privet trainers) Competent in using and training others in the use of practical and blended learning modules are in place in a range of TVETS, Universities and Consultants/ private training groups in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

The final output discussed on the inception workshop is, documented lessons learned, through NL-EA learning and action teams, allow issues critical to dairy development and training programs. 

For each output, there are many actions to be done which are agreed by participants, said Dr. Biadgelegn.


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