Servants of CEE prove their commitment to work to accredit the center on ISO 17024:2012. The accreditation will make the Center the first in Ethiopia.

Federal TVET Institute

January 27, 2020

Federal TVET Institute, Center of Excellence in Engineering (CEE) servants and leaders have taken training on ISO 17024:2012. And they prove their commitment to work on the process to accredit the center.

Mr. Matwos Ashenafi is a managing director of the center. ‘’ All members of the center should coordinate to achieve a goal,’’ said on his opening speech.

The center was training International welding for many years but the certification used to be given by foreign certifies. This has been costing much foreign currency for the country.

Even though the capacity of the center and the need to get welding training is high , it trains very small number of trainers because getting foreign certifies was a big challenge.

Accredited by ISO 17024:2012 will avoid this problem.

Mr. Birhane Getachew, International certification team leader at CEE has given the training.
He said, ‘’beyond getting accreditation, the Center plans to be a member of International Institute of Welding (IIW).’’

Federal TVET Institute is working to implement ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17024:2012 at CEE.

If the Center can achieve the accreditation it will be the only center in Ethiopia and the second in East Africa next to Kenya to certify welding trainees internationally.


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