A workshop on enhancing employability and food security in Ethiopia through agricultural technical and vocational training in horticulture and dairy farming is underway.

Federal TVET Institute

January 15, 2019

Ethiopia is highly agrarian. Eighty five (85) percent of its population relies on it. The production and productivity of agriculture remained lesser, though.

Meanwhile, the government of Ethiopia together with its partners is running to scale up production and productivity in agriculture.

Bright Future in Agriculture (BFA) is one of the steps to enhance employ-ability and food security through agricultural technical and vocational education and training in horticulture and dairy.

It is a year now since the project started implementing its duty in Ethiopia. The project is to expand its duty to southern Ethiopia parts said Teshale Berecha, Director General for TVET Institute.

Bishoftu, Alage and Wolaita Sodo Agricultural TVET Colleges and Arbaminch university joined the duty.

Different researchers from universities, Agricultural TVET Colleges experts, delegates from the Netherlands Embassy , people from private sector and experts and directors from Maastricht School of Management are attending and presenting in the workshop here in Intercontinental Addis.

Director Generals and Agriculture Faculty Dean, Nigusu Shaleme from TVET Institute are facilitating the session and BFA-South is expected to be signed soon.


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