The Center is Working to achieve its goal of being a member of International Institute of Welding. Federal TVET Institute Center of Excellence on Engineering (CEE) starts implementing ISO 17024:2012.

Federal TVET Institute

December 27, 2019

CEE has been training International welding Technicians for the last eight years. International Certification team leader, Mr. Birhane Getachew, told CEE is forced to get foreigners to certify its’s trainers; because Ethiopia have no organization to do so.

This requires huge foreign currency and takes much time. To alleviate this challenge, the Center starts implementing ISO 17024:2012.

Mr. Birhane added that they are now on paper preparation to get accredited the Center to certify trainees Internationally.

“we have a great vision finally to be a Member of International Institute of Welding, which have five African countries as members. If we achieve this goal, we as a nation, not only can save foreign currency but we can earn it by certifying other foreigners.
Institutions like GIZ are supporting the Center to be accredited on ISO 17024.” Says Mr. Birhane.


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