“Equipments supported by KFW properly reached for trainees” (Dr. Achim Jaup-KFW Engineer, Health, Education and Social protection in East Africa and African Union).
KFW auditors visit the Institute to check equipment the bank donated.

Federal TVET Institute

November 4, 2019

Germany Development Bank (KFW) and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) are supporting training infrastructure for Technical and Vocational colleges in Ethiopia. The one and a highly beneficiary from this fund is Federal TVET Institute.

Many workshops of the Institute like Wood work Technology, Automotive Technology, Garment and Textile Technology and Electric/Electronics Technology are equipped with fund from these organizations.

Auditors of KFW visit the Institute to check whether the equipments properly working for training or not.
Mr. Habtom G/Egziabher, Deputy Director General for Academics, welcomes the delegate and explains the current status of the institute.

Dr. Achim Jaup is the leader of the group. He appreciates the institute because “we get all equipment on appropriate training place,” he said.

And he says, “We are looking that the Institute use these training equipment properly, I hope KFW will continue funding for the Institute.”
KFW is the third biggest bank in Germany.
Mr. Habtom G/Egziabher appreciates support from Government and peoples of Germany.


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