office of the Director General

Teshale Berecha Yadessa

Dear Visitors, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen;

Let me make use of this opportunity to welcome you to TVET Institute official website. TVET Institute (Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute) is a young and upcoming TVET teachers, leaders and technicians training institute, responsible to give initial and further training for all technical and vocational education and training (TVET) teachers in Ethiopia and to provide demand driven short term and long term training for industry. It is established as per proclamation no 245/2011. The 3 major tasks given to it per proclamation are:

  1. Training TVET Teachers to B-Level ( Bachelor degree) and A-Level ( Master’s degree) in order to support the critical role of the TVET sector in providing competent workforce to the industry and create more entrepreneurs who will contribute to the economic development of the country.

  2. The other major task is training and developing TVET leaders through short term and long term leadership training programs.

  3. The third major task is to Carry-out quality technology research through active involvement of technical and vocational education and training teachers, leaders, and stakeholders in support of the Industry (MSEs), and providing demand driven community and consultancy services and finally building the capacity of TVET sector in implementing the strategy. Currently (2018) the institute is training more than 9000 trainees under different undergraduate and post graduate programs. The institute is also conducting demand driven research under different thematic areas. In addition we have a good linkage with industries in improving the quality of education and training and research. In fulfilling our mission we are pleased to invite all stake holders to work with us in order to create a win-win platform which encourage mutual benefits. Beside let me encourage all our institute community to exert their maximum effort to satisfy the needs of our customers. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who so generously work hard to make this website come true. Thank you all for visiting our web site.

Teshale Berecha Yadessa, Director General, Federal TVET Institute

Ato Teshale Berecha Yadessa

Director General

Ato Haftom G/Egziabiher

Deputy Director for Academics

Ato Seifu Tadese Areru

Deputy Director for Administration

Ato Eniyew Getnet Bitew

Deputy Director for Research and TeCAT