General Objectives

The general objective of Language and Basic Sciences Department is to empower students of all technology disciplines acquire  the indispensable communication,  analytical  skills, innovation , social entrepreneurship and  creativity  that boost  their  capacities  to  benefit  from their specialized training and for the enhancement of quality technology education.


Specific Objectives

The Language Basic Sciences curriculum helps the student to learn the basic courses such as Computer science, English language, Entrepreneur ship, Mathematics and Physics.

These courses have the following main objectives:

  • To develop effective ways of expressing themselves as well as expressing the technical details in terms of speaking and writing of English
  • To create the power of critical thinking and reasoning;
  • To understand and apply the various concepts of calculus, differential equations, Linear algebra and various engineering series and sequences;
  • To be able to apply various computational methods for modelling technical operations;
  • To understand the structure and function of computer systems and use fundamental applications;
  • To understand the fundamental concepts of economics management and entrepreneur ship.