Objectives of the Program

The world of work is influenced through a rapid technological innovation and changes in the organization of the work system. The development and application of new technology in the field of ICT generates new tasks in every occupational system in the world. Therefore, there is a need for developing a new TVET teacher study program with respect to the national and international situation. The new study program is oriented on the state of the art technology in field of ICT, the needs in the labor market and the challenges in the TVET system in Ethiopia.

Skilled workers in the field of ICT must be able to find solutions to new complex and challenging technical problems. They must have strong theoretical knowledge and technical skills to be able to integrate technical concepts with practical applications. Thus TVET teachers need profound theoretical knowledge, practical skills and right attitude in the occupational field.


General Objectives

The general objectives of the program are:

  • To produce high caliber, effective and knowledgeable ICT technical teacher.
  • To turn out TVET teachers into globally and locally competent ICT skilled teachers.
  • To produce system developers, web developers and network developers to become part of the labor market and help the TVET systems in Ethiopia.


Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the study program are to:

  • Prepare students for career opportunities in TVET colleges or other training institutions, in- company training or industry emersion; provide fundamental knowledge and skills in planning, conducting and evaluating learning arrangements and processes in TVET, and shape on the development and modernization of the TVET systems.
  • Provide fundamental knowledge in general, supportive, professional and ICT major courses, provide skills for hardware and network maintenance and installation, database design and programming and web and multimedia system development, provide implicit understanding of the social and ethical responsibilities, and enable the graduates to work in teams for addressing technical problems or educational issues that can be encountered in real life.