Objectives of the Program


The School of Graduate Studies of TVETI strives towards the attainment of the following objectives

    1. Develop in the students the desired knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enhance their competencies
    2. Provide practitioners and professionals deeper skills in research, analysis, decision-making and communication in the area of technical and vocational education and in TVET leadership and management
    3. Instill appreciation of the philosophy and principles of the multi-dimensional aspects of ethics and workmanship in harmony with the work places
    4. Establish an educational environment that will strengthen students’ professional development in teaching
    5. Encourage students and teachers to pursue the discovery and generation of new knowledge through scientifically conducted research in TVET and hence, new tools, objects, and ideas helpful to alleviate societal problems
    6. Investigate ways of discriminating new knowledge and innovations for the benefit of the society