Hailegebreal Zewdie - Department Head

Hailegebreal Zewdie is th Department of the Automotive Department

Hailemariam Nigus

Hailemariam Nigus is an Ethiopian young engineer who joined TVET Institute, Ethiopia, recently. Hailemariam was born in Agulae, Ethiopia in1984. He was educated his lower classes in public schools and joined Adama University for his undergraduate study in 2004. After completion of his bachelor degree in 2008 he went to abroad for his MSc. study. He won this scholarship because he was the top student in the department. Later, he joined Tianjin University of Technology and Education, China and continued his study in mechanical design for three consecutive years. He completed his study with recognized achievement. He is currently working in TVET Institute, Ethiopia as a lecturer since he graduated. He is working hard to contribute something for his country and word as well. He published two papers in the field of robot design and analysis and he is currently working some researches which are not published yet.

Rosalino Balanta Jr

Mr Rosalino Balanta Jr is one of the pioneers Instructor since TVETI was started last 2011. He is a Master in Industrial Technology graduate and also passed National License Examinations like Professional Board Examination for Teacher (PBET), Automotive Mechanic NC II, Driving NC II, Motorcycle and small engine Technician NC II, Emission Technician NC III.

Judy Palado Rebusura

Mr. Judy P. Rebusora a Filipino citizen, who joined TVETI or Federal TVET Institute last August 3, 2014. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology. He passed a competency assessment certification for: Assessorís Methodology Course 1(AM), Trainerís Methodology Course 1 (TM), and 3rd class Automotive Mechanic.

Michael T. Reyes

Michael T. Reyes is a Filipino born citizen and has joined TVETI or Federal TVET Institute last August 3, 2014. He is a graduate of Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education major in Automotive Engineering Technology in the Philippines. He is currently holding a National Certificates or NC in Automotive Servicing NC-2, Heavy Equipment Servicing NC-2, and Heavy Equipment Operation (HEO) Bulldozer NC-2, all of these has been awarded to him in full qualification.

Gebremedhin Girmy

Haile Gebrel Zewedi