Ato Eniyew Getnet Bitew

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to Federal Technical Vocational and Teachers Training (FTVETI), the institute located at hub of the capital city. FTVETI is an institue that has undergone multiple transformations aiming to be a world class TVET institute. The continual transformations of the institute have resulted in many relevant and meaningful structures to evolve which dint exist in the inception of the institute. The Deputy general director for research technology transfer and industry linkage is a recently established office having three wings through it working closely to each other making a high momentum to ensure quality in research undertakings.

It is so clear that in the higher educations, emphasis has been given for research that focuses on solving the nation’s problems and transfer of appropriate technologies for various applications. The researches’ are based on the community need where thematic areas for research, technology transfer and community services are identified at institute level. through the course of identifying the thematic areas Maximum effort is made to ensure their relevance to the small and medium enterprises, Tvet institues and the industry as being estipulated with missions of the institute in its proclamation . To develop core and essential technologies for the country through excellence in research and technology transfer, it closely works with industries to advance productivity and to enhance development of industrial technologies as well as to assure quality of education through creation of viable institute-industry linkages.

Our objectives are to become a center of excellence by highly focusing on value chain problem solving through technology copying to nurture a hands on technology workforce that produce forefront technologies that can be multiplied for SME’s and industries at large.





Deputy Director for Research, Technology transfer and Industry linkages

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Deputy Director for Academic

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Deputy DIRECTOR FOR Research-TeCAT

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