Six Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges are working to modernize their training system. Bright Future in Agriculture is presenting Implementation plan at Bishoftu.

Federal TVET Institute

July 24, 2019

Six agricultural TVET colleges from across Ethiopia are presenting their project implementation plan for Bright Future in Agriculture project. The presentation is focused on dairy farming and horticulture. It is all about value chain development told Mr. Sheleme Nigusu, coordinator of the project.

 Mark Bos and Lisanne Oskam arrived in Ethiopia the day before yesterday. They came here for the first time to train and help prepare implementation plan for Bright Future in Agriculture project in Ethiopia. Lisanne in a farmer in Netherlands and Mark gives training for governmental and nongovernmental organizations worldwide which focus in agriculture activities.

The workshop and training continues for the next two days said Mr. Sheleme. The colleges presenting their plan are Merawi, Woreta, Kombolcha, Bako, Holeta and Wuquro Agricultural Colleges. Participants together with the trainers will visit Ethiopian Meat and Milk Industry Development Institute at Bishoftu –Debrezeit tomorrow. Bright Future is a project that works to modernize agricultural production and training in the sector. It is funded by the government of the Netherlands.


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