The German bank, KFW, Member Board of Directors visit the Institute.

Federal TVET Institute

March 14 2019

Germany is one of the leading nations to work with Ethiopia. 

Federal TVET Institute is working with German cooperation programs through KFW and GIZ. KFW Member Board of Directors was in the Institute yesterday to look what is happening here with German cooperation. KFW Group's Executive Board member in charge of international affairs, Dr. Joachim Nagel, said after the visit, “Here are dedicated teachers and technicians. The student’s performance is also amazing. ” Together with Dr. Nagel are KFW Africa director and colleagues from Addis Ababa. “We saw a lot of good experience. We are privileged to be part of this work,” Dr. Nagel added. Federal TVET Institute deputy director general for Academics, Ato Habtom G/egziabeher, said German’s support is crucial to build the capacity of trainers which in turn give training for teachers in TVET colleges in the nation.Germany has released more than 60 million Euros in furnishing workshops and technical support. 
KFW is the third largest bank in Germany whose total asset reached 507 billion Euros in 2016.


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