Deputy Director General for Academics

Ato Haftom G/Egziabiher

Dear colleagues,

First of all, it is my pleasure to get this opportunity to convey a short message via the website. I would like to thank the department and researchers for giving me this chance. As you know, this era is the era of knowledge and information technology. In this globalized and highly fragile world, no institution can stand and survive without adapting and utilizing technologies in the vicinity of the world.

Next to human skill ,technology is becoming the most important input for the success of every organization. This days, every economic activity and social activities including education and training are highly dependent on ICT.

Hence, I would like to appreciate your effort to introduce Institute's website which is the first of its kind .I think the different features you incorporated to the website are very useful for students, teachers , researchers and other stakeholders in and out of our institute. This in turn improves our information communication capabilities and contribute a lot to the teaching learning process as well as research and technology transfer . Finally, I would like to say congratulations for your effort to introduce this important management tool to the institute's community and other beneficiaries .





Deputy Director, Academic

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